We are a research-based consulting firm, “Aarna Market Research Solutions” offering Research & Bespoke Project Execution Support Services to leading Corporates and Consulting Companies in India and abroad.
We have worked with many companies and they have shown extremely high trust in our delivery.
Our field team has almost more than 10 Years of Industry experience and we are well networked in India which makes us more resourceful and dependable from the client perspective and execution point of view.
Advantages of Aarna is " We are working at low cost (we are sure no one will work at our cost) in the industry and providing top quality in the industry.
We act as a dependable partner and wish to provide all possible support to grow your business.
We have a Strong forte in doing:
Qualitative and Quantitative Studies
Customer Research Studies
Customer contact Studies
Brand imaginary Studies
Online Studies/Surveys
Product evaluation Studies
FGD (Focus group discussion)
CLT’ (Central location test)
DI (Depth interviews Analysis)
SRI ' Studies (Social related issues)
Education Studies
 Corporate Studies
Industrial Studies
Retail / SBT Studies
Panel Studies
FMCG Studies
Media Studies
Health Care Studies
Our services include:
Report making
QC Analyst
Established good relationship with clients & received appreciation for quality services
Our strength lies in delivering the work on time with high quality.
Aarna Market Research Solutions
Project Manager
Mr. Vikram Kumar
Aarna Market Research Solutions
Mr.'s Vinutha B S